Daniel Day Who?


This is another one I wrote myself and drew with the tablet.  It is largely based on a longtime recurring joke that my dad likes to do where he pretends not to have heard of a celebrity or character, and thinks you are talking about your personal friend.  So is the Lone Wolf joking in a similar fashion here, or is he just that crazy with a terrible memory?  That’s for you to decide.

Once again I thought it’d be funny to focus on Daniel Day Lewis, as we have been since the very second page of Famous.  Why Daniel Day Lewis?  Well, he’s an actor Alex and I both like and it has become a regular occurring to imitate/quote him from There Will Be Blood.  It was just a unique, astounding performance that sticks with you.  Is he either of our favorite actor?  I wouldn’t go that far.  I’ve seen some of his movies, but not all, nor do I really seek them out.  I am intrigued by the idea of him playing Abraham Lincoln.  Another reason we like to reference him?  His characters, particularly in the two movies I mention in this comic, make him seem very eccentric, perhaps even insane.  So he’s a perfect fit for the Lone Wolf.  He’s also a bit obscure when compared to most big name stars, and not someone you’d think the Lone Wolf would be into.  So the connection makes me laugh.

I’m getting more comfortable drawing with the tablet and stylus.  I’m still getting a new procedure down, and I was able to draw this very quickly.  I really enjoy the variable thickness of the pressure sensitive pen, and think I found the right max width with this comic.  It’s also really nice being able to fix mistakes or try things in real time.  Part of my drawing process change has been eliminating my traditional pencil stage.  I still do my rough shapes first, but then I jump directly into the pen stage.  I tried keeping all my normal stages, but they didn’t seem necessary anymore, as my digital pen has an eraser can can be manipulated anyway I want.  No more tracing my pencil drawings with ink for me!

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