Hollywood Men


Don’t have a whole lot to say about this particular comic.  I wanted to call attention to the ridiculous pet names that the Lone Wolf likes to call people.  I really like the fact that our characters all have distinct voices, and many of them have pet names or different ways to address each other.  It’s that kind of attention to detail that builds up to make something special.  I also wanted to see Rosenstein weirded out by the Lone Wolf, as Alex and I recently busted up looking at there initial meeting when the Lone Wolf was weirded out by Rosenstein.  Crazy people disliking other crazy people is always funny in my book.  The truly crazy think they are sane, but often seem to recognize insanity in others.  I really like those bottom two panels.

As I mentioned, Alex and I recently reread all the I’M FAMOUS! and I must say, they are hilarious.  I’ve been a lot of really fun writing lately, and have the next 20 Famouses planned out.  A record.  Still planning many fun things for the anniversary next month.  It’s going to be fun, dammit!

Until then, I’ll leave you with this ballad of movie star fame from the Kinks.

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