A Chinkee!

As part of the celebration of one year of I’m Famous! here is that much promised celebrity appearance!

I'M FAMOUS! 82Yes, your guest celebrity is someone you’ve likely never heard of…Mike Park from The Chinkees, amongst other bands.  More fun at the expense of the Lone Wolf’s perceived (or genuine) racism.  Mike Park is currently in a band with a couple of friends of Alex and I, who you see pictured here.  I really don’t like drawing real people, it adds too much pressure and can lead to hurt feelings.  From what I’ve heard so far I offended no one here, and even captured them well.

I'M FAMOUS! 83I think these are pretty funny.  Rufus makes a good straight man and foil.  You’ll see for the first time ever I included a footnote at the bottom of the comic, explaining who this man is and why the Lone Wolf calling him a Chinkee wasn’t horribly racist.  I got the idea from Hellboy.  Of course those footnotes explain what previous comic or ancient texts or folklore they are referencing, whereas ours explains what fairly obscure front man from an even more obscure Bay Area ska punk band we are depicting.

As mentioned, Mike Park is a mutual friend of Alex, and we thought it would be fun to work him into the comic.  He currently plays in the band Classics of Love with our friends who were pictured, Mike and Max.  Jesse Michaels, of Operation Ivy fame is also in the band.  You can check out their Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/classicsofloveband.

Alex and I have always been fairly involved in the Bay Area punk scene, since our teenage years.  More-so Alex than myself, as he is the social butterfly in comparison to my anti-social lifestyle.  If you are lucky enough to catch me at a party count your blessings, because it’s a fairly rare occasion when I choose to grace others with my presence.  Even so, I’ve always liked punk music, going to concerts, and somehow end up knowing people in bands.

Alex and I even started our own faux punk history band Taft’s Brigade at one point.  It was mostly a fake internet band, since neither Alex or I had any musical talent, done mostly for entertainment and comedy.  Alex later revived it as a real band, without consulting me, and it caused a large rift between us.  Honesty, I’m still upset about it as it was never fully resolved.  But I’d rather not get into that here.

The point, if I ever had one, was in addition to being obsessed with movies we are also obsessed with music.  We are fairly blessed to be in the middle of a thriving musical scene, and happily take part in it when we can, which careful readers may have already noticed in previous comics.  The other point is that the joke of our big celebrity being someone you may not know is not lost on us.

As a treat to you I’ll share with you some of Mike’s performances in The Chinkees.

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