Pen Brush Drawings

My lovely wife took me to the art store for Valentine’s Day.  I got many pens, a nice sketchbook and a sweet canvas pen holder.  Many of the pens I got were pen brushes, which I’ve always wanted to try.  It was really nice to put some ink to paper after the last month plus of only working with the tablet and stylus.  Here are a few of the initial drawings (well, the comic related ones).

Each drawing took about 10 minutes to do and used 3 different shades of pen brushes.  The order you see them is the order in which they were drawn.  Pen brushes are funny things, as they really do feel like a combination of drawing and painting.  My favorite things so far are the ability to alter the with of the line and the ease with which you can fill in an entire area with a shade.

I look forward to trying out more thing with these and the other pens I got.

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