Happy Valentine’s Day

It is I, the Lone Wolf.

Today is the day of romance, or so I am told!  Strange things are in the air, and the common folk make the googly eyes.  The hormones fly through the air like cupid’s arrows!

I could tell you tales about my many lovelies and my fox, but my mighty conquests would only serve to cheapen the fleeting relationships of your lives.  My, you are all quite pathetic!

Take a look at this and I think all your questions will be answered.

What is…love?

Did you learn something from all this?  I’m glad.  I didn’t!  But it is impossible to learn when you already know it all, for I am all knowing.

The true sign of intelligence is knowing you have nothing left to learn.

You all have much to learn.  Do not get the std’s tonight, as I know you common folk our so found of.

I must now bid you adieu, as I do not want to keep my many, many lovelies waiting.

Lone Wolf Laughing at the Bible
Lone Wolf out

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