What is Love?

It is I, the Lone Wolf.

Yesterday has ended, and today has begun anew.  Many of you people of the dirt are left lonely and cold, wondering exactly what happened on the Day of St. Valentine to leave you in such a state.  There is a strange phenomenon  I am not quite familiar with, so I will turn things over to my scribe to explain to you…what is…LOVE?!

Eric, Writer of Love
Eric, Writer of Love

Well, this is a bit awkward.  Yes, I am a somewhat accomplished writer, and have felt the pangs of love more times than I’d care to mention…but putting it to words, defining it is an insurmountable task that that greatest authors and poets have struggled with for centuries.  Surely the Lone Wolf can’t expect me to accomplish what they could not, here on this simple blog post!

I’ll tell you what love is to me.  It’s devotion, no matter what the odds.  It’s a double edge sword that can bring you the sweetest victory, or leave you with the cruelest defeat.  I consider myself a true romantic, holding out hope that true love will always find a way, against all odds.  My heart beats but for one woman, who has never seemed to realize that I live only for her.

Call me a coward if you will, but I’ve never found the courage to lay out my true feelings for said woman.  The defeat would be unbearable if she were to reject my genuine emotions, the bearing of my very soul.  I don’t know how I’d live with that, so my love remains a secret pining that only extends into a platonic friendship.

Perhaps one day I will dig down deep and muster that courage to face love head on…but for the time being love is like an elusive dove, flying ever just out of reach…

What the hell was that?!  You answered nothing, Nazi.  You should feel much shame.  These peasants have been left with more queries than they started with!  Back to writing my movie.

My apologies to you, the people of the dirt.  Perhaps you can find another sow wallowing in the muck to bring you comfort.  I care not anymore.


I Care Not

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