Going Hollywood

I'm Famous! 87

Going Hollywood.  Selling out.  Changing to become more popular at the expense of your own principles and beliefs.  Something we’ve touch on directly a few times, but is a central point for the comic as a whole.  For every character in it, as they are all tested.

Here the Lone Wolf happily admits to all this, though it is quite arguable that he actually knows what he’s saying.

I thought this one was funny because once again it calls into the forefront that the Lone Wolf is supposed to be a super hero, out there stopping crimes, but that obviously isn’t a priority for him anymore.  It is also reveals a bit more about his true feelings for Detroit, basically his roots as far as we are concerned.  Like many foolish people, he’s abandoned what got him notoriety to begin with and is trying to cash in on his name value.

Speaking of, Alex and I were recently approached about making a new comic strip for a magazine, Urban Image Magazine to be exact.  Yes, we two humble white boys will be making a comic to speak to the black man about black culture. Funny world, huh?  We’re still working on a title, but expect to see it very soon, as our deadline is Friday!

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