Black Power

Black Power
the very first Black Power

What’s goin’ on? I Don’t know it’s trouble, Back in black to bust that bubble, Black Superman’s back and not Daredevil – MLK

Does the world really need another Black Snow comic strip spin off? Yes! And it’s called Black Power, starring a Black superhero of the same name. I created it specifically with Urban Image Magazine in mind. Why isn’t Alex’s pseudonym on here? Because it was my idea, my writing and my drawing. All me! I did discuss it with Alex, but he wanted to hold off on it, and will likely jump in on the writing duties for next month’s.

I think it’s really funny. The concept, in case you couldn’t guess, is to explore the “realities” and comedy of a Black superhero and how they have been treated throughout the history of comics. I thought Black Snow could be a good friend/foil for him, and we may work Black Power into the main cannon of the Black Snow comic books/graphic novels.

Another challenge that I wanted to take on here was to do a shorter comic strip. The original goal was a traditional 3 panel, but it was just too short. Not enough room to really get creative. So I went with a half page format. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

If you’re wondering about the character and costume design for Black Power, it really just came to me. I think it’s based off of some memories I have of childhood fighting games from the late 80s or early 90s, but I couldn’t tell you which ones. It was also a style of costume I never tried before, so I always want to try something new.

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