Jason Must Rule

JMR: Jason Must Rule
A gory drawing I did for JMR: Jason Must Rule

He’s the hairy-handed gent who ran amuck in Kent, Lately he’s been overheard in Mayfair, Better stay away from him, He’ll rip your lungs out, Jim, I’d like to meet his tailor, Werewolves of London – Prince Harry

This was quite a tough drawing for me in a number of ways. BTW, it was done for the comic JMR: Jason Must Rule. Check it out. It’s good, clean horror fun.

So obviously this is a bit outside of what I’ve normally been drawing for the last decade or two, but this is very much the type of thing I would draw as a child. Yeah, I was an odd kid. I’ve mentioned that I have an strong interest in the occult, and love to draw the supernatural when I get a chance. My favorite comic is Hellboy, half for the beautiful art and half for the subject matter. My wife and I watch a lot of shows about the supernatural, and we’ve probably seen every horror movie ever made. Alex and I do work some supernatural into Black Snow and I’m Famous!, and usually you can thank me for that. But that’s a pretty minor element of both comics.

So why was this hard to draw? In case you haven’t been keeping score at home I pretty much draw comedy, especially for the last year plus, and it’s comedy without a whole lot of action for that matter. Dramatic full body characters in fight has never been my strong suit, at least in my opinion. I think I pulled it off reasonably well in a few issues Black Snow, most notably 5. But it’s not what I really do.

So why didn’t I just draw Jason here in a comedic situation, like I did with Titanox? Because I wanted a challenge, and I wanted to capture what the comic and character were really about. And that’s killing monsters in brutal ways!

So how did I do? I like it, and think I pulled it off pretty well. It’s sufficiently brutal. It’s got some nice horror elements. The characters are posed pretty well. I’m very happy with my coloring.

This was a drawing where I had to erase and redraw things quite a few times, something I don’t normally do. Usually I’m quite satisfied with my first pass at things. This drawing also had a ton of layers, for you Photoshop users. The werewolf split in two was one of the more complex things I’ve had to pull off in quite some time. But I think the end result was a cool effect.

So overall I’m pretty happy with this one. By the way, this Jason reminds me of a deranged Casey Jones from the Ninja Turtles.


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