The Lone Wolf Begins

The Lone Wolf Begins
The Lone Wolf Begins
Batman Begins
In case you didn’t get the reference.

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da BATMAN! – Johannes Brahms

Take a look at that beautiful poster for the Lone Wolf Begins by my man Mark “Rawr” Egan. While you’re at it check out his awesome comic Back Office. Rawr, you’re quickly becoming my favorite man in this crazy webcomic community.

I love this poster and wanted to put the original Batman Begins poster up so you can see the attention to the point of reference in the drawing. I like to include homages (or blatant imitations) to classic photos, comic panels or movie scenes/shots in my drawing whenever possible (go back and see if you can spot any, especially in Black Snow (hint, issue 2 has an extended one)), so I can appreciate the work that went into this. It also really catches the I’m Famous! vibe. Read that tag line at the top! Also take a moment to read the bottom credits. All good stuff.

I like what he did with the Lone Wolf here, especially extending the mask piece down the bridge of the nose. Also capturing the cleft chin and way he made the hair make sense are great. The hair kind of reminds me of an 80s rocker.

The wolves are funny too. We’ve never put any effort into explaining why he is the Lone Wolf, or what he has to do with wolves, much like we don’t really explain much I guess. Apparently he has wolf powers though, as that’s what I wrote in his character description so many years ago! The big joke has always been that the Lone Wolf is almost never alone, and has a sidekick named the Wolf Pack. Over the course of drawing Famous I have tried to incorporate wolf like fangs into the character, which I’m really happy about.

I really like the mask here, and the symbol created from it. Just seeing the Lone Wolf get any kind of serious treatment is hilarious. I think I may have to continue with this idea of inserting him into parody posters, as it’s so fun and fits with the whole Famous theme (in fact two recent comics had a movie poster for a Black Snow movie and the amazing Skate Goat movie).

Strange to see the Lone Wolf with a cape. Out of all the heroes I draw I think only 2 have capes, one is a lazy fat pig and the other one of them is dead now (rest in piece Lightning Lad). Not sure why. I could see the Lone Wolf wearing one. That could be a story about him getting one to be flashier. Hell, we have a tentative future storyline about him wearing hot pants!

So to sum up, I love seeing other artists interpret the characters I created, and Rawr did a spectacular job here.

Now take a look at an amazing clip from the original Batman movie, which the Lone Wolf could have fit right in.

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