True Grit?

Black Snow at his Office
Black Snow at his Office

Well, I am a killjoy from Detroit, I drink from a well of rage – Black Snow

My first attempt to grit things up a bit and add some edge to my style. A promising start? You tell me.

I like it. Black Snow, depressed, drunk, maybe high, slumped over at his desk in his crappy, messy little hero for hire office. I think it’s pretty gritty. There’s a lot going on here. Several light sources and effects, multiple shading techniques, including crosshatching (as suggested by Rawr). I much less polished line style, more sketch like. More muted colors. A painterly color style.

What’s not to like? Will it be enough to land me the artist gig? I plan on doing a couple more and submitting them all at once. So we’ll see I guess.

I think we settled on a name for the graphic novel, Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum. Catchy eh?

BTW, I only started this drawing this afternoon and finished it by the night. Yeah, I’m getting faster. Stay tuned for more gritty art to come!

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