Black Snow redesigned

Black Snow redesigned and angry
Black Snow redesigned and angry

What’s that metronome I hear, perhaps the end is drawing near, You never hear the shot that takes you down, Out of time, so say goodbye, what is yours, Now is mine, and I dream broken dreams, I make them come true, I make them for you – dedicated to all my fans

Look what I drew this morning. A re-imagining of the Black Snow character design, in what I think is an awesome, gritty update. I’m very happy with the way this one turned out.

I used the same muted color scheme as the last drawing, because I think it’s pretty dead on. This is a pretty different style then usual, and I’m really happy how easily it came to me. What are some of the new things here? For one, it’s the first time we’ve EVER seen Black Snow’s eyes. It really does make a surprising difference in the overall look of the character. Adds a element of realism that simply isn’t there with the white slit eyes. It makes it feel like this is really a guy just wearing a mask. And it allows me to add more detail and expression to his eyes.

Another big difference, a restyling of Black Snow formerly slicked back widow’s peak. I like this messy, wild hair. It makes more sense really, as I don’t picture him as a man who cares about style or hygiene.

Of course a big part of that muted color scheme was to make his costume gray and his hair dark grey, versus the solid black previously used for both. This is actually quite a significant difference, as it allows me to add darker tones for shading and black lines for details and shadows, no longer restricting me to the use of white lines for such things.

Oh, btw, the blood splatter is supposed to be from someone else that he has beaten, not his own wounds.

It is a strange thing to jump from the comedy of I’m Famous! yesterday to this new intense Black Snow today. It required a bit of a different mindset, as I pumped myself up with some intense music and tried to think dark and gritty. It’s been said that artists are really actors performing through their characters on paper, and I subscribe fully to that belief. Your mood and attitude often shines through in your work. And if you’re like me you pose yourself as the characters to act as your own model. So mindset is fairly important to me.

Honestly, I think this single drawing has taken my work to a whole new level. What do you think?

Now I will break your dreams.

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