Page 7 and the Sleazy Charm

Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 7
Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 7

I keep cranking them out! In truth, after finishing the last page I could hardly wait to get to this one because I really wanted to show Black Snow being charming (or at least trying to be charming). We haven’t seen him in this capacity for a long time (issue 2 I guess, and he wasn’t all that charming then). A bit more depth and versatility for our main character.

He has really come off as such a swarthy loser so in this graphic novel that it makes his odd attempts at flirtation fairly humorous. Who would seriously consider this man in any romantic capacity, especially after he just finished (or still is) mocking them? The goal, or my goal at least, was to make him somewhat like Bill Murray’s character type in his 80’s comedies; a fairly dishonest loser, but full of charm and humor so we root him anyway.

I really like his back and forth with Marie, and look forward to doing their story right this time, as we never got the chance to return to it in the original comic books.

If page 6 gave us classic Black Snow in his catch phrase, we really get classic Black Snow here with a return of sorts to his original slicked back hair style. It looks much greasier now though. I really love that middle right panel where he is really working it. It is interesting to see him with his classic look but in the updated style, and with eyeballs. While I really enjoyed the original eye slits, and plan on continuing them in Famous, there is something much more expressive and human about actually seeing the pupils of a man.

Oh, you’ll notice I got to make this page only 3 rows of panels (instead of 4 like the other pages) so I had more room to work, which felt good. Room for more details in their faces and such. One reason I was able to do this was because we are nearing the end of our intro scene! I don’t want to spoil too much, but the next page will be the splash page, so look forward to that!

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