I’m Famous in Japan! Page 3

That’s how I usually leave airline bathrooms…

Hello all, it’s Rawr here again.

We’re now into Page 3 of ‘I’m Famous in Japan’ and the full manga-style pages of the story. This page introduced a few challenges which I had to get over. The script originally called for an interaction between Rosenstein and Daniel in the final panels, but with all of the above included there wasn’t enough room to play with. So the script’s Page 3, now becomes Page 3 and 4, with the remaining script appearing in Page 4.

The second challenge was Nicole. I dunno, I just feel that her manga form isn’t manga enough to justify her shock in the bathroom. Then again I could just be thinking that, since all the women I draw are in manga form. Fitting her into the bathroom was a little tricky too. I couldn’t remember the details of an airline bathroom, only remembering that they tend to be very claustrophobic (they’re tiny as hell!) so I started Googling for pictures of a 747’s bathroom. Only to find out…that it’s too damned small to get a good photo of it! What photos exist are of the mirror or of the door, which aren’t much use for the angle I had in mind. So, in the end, I decided to make it up. That’s why I threw in that handrail, I wanted to have Nicole grip onto something while she ‘recoiled in horror’.

One day I might remember to note the details of an airliner bathroom, and on that day I won’t bother updating this page, because I know you really don’t care about that! 🙂

Finally we get Wolf Pack and Rufus’ reactions to their manga forms. I kind of like how this turned out. Especially Rufus, since with him I had just planed to make him look pissed off at this. Instead he also seems more exasperated by his planet-sized afro…this was accidental, and I loved that he turned out that way.

Anyways, onwards to Page 4 and final scene on board this plane. Following that, we hit Japan itself!


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