I’m Famous in Japan! Page 6

I'm Famous in Japan! Page 6
Ah…If only he waited a few seconds more….

Hello and Konbanwa to Page 6 of I’m Famous in Japan!

This page is part of a updated series written up by Alex, which I’ve had a lot of fun with. The script called for a press conference, pretty much as shown here, but I did play around a little, and threw in some interesting ‘extras’ in the background.

This is a little idea I have lifted from my favorite manga, ‘Love Hina’. Often there you see comedy happening in the background, away from the scene’s relevant cast, and I kind of liked how that worked. The script called for the press-pack to be saddened by Lone Wolf’s Disneyland announcement, but I couldn’t help throwing in that suicidal guy.

Something that also came to me later, was to have him actually go through with it…juuuuust in time, to miss Lone Wolf’s re-announcement. It’s kind of tragic and hilarious all at once. My humour is twisted that way…alas…

Coming up…more Famous Japan parody nonsense! We’re in Japan proper now, and there’s plenty to make fun of!


Ohhh wait…..before I finish.

This weekend is APE! What is APE you ask? APE is the most important thing ever. Nostradamus even wrote about it his Les Propheties, describing how it would unite humanity in peace, with ‘flowings of beer and comic pages’….which is a pretty damn good prediction, since comics weren’t even invented yet.

To witness this, go to San Francisco this Saturday or Sunday, go to the Concourse and find the Black Snow Comics table at APE!

Go to APE! Gooooo to APE! Rawr commands you!

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