Page 30 and the Fiery Calhoun

Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 30
Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 30

Here we have the end to the scene. And what a scene it was. High drama amongst villains.

And the real star of this page, though he has no lines, is Alex’s old tie for favorite character, Calhoun (The other was the Fisherman, who made a cameo in the bar scene earlier, but I doubt will be back in full. We even had a Bizzaro Fisherman in the works for issue 7.).

If you recall Calhoun from the original comic he was supposed to be an impressive warrior and the leader of a gang (we planned to have more Van Buren Boys later). He also had some fire powers.

Despite Alex’s love of the character, I don’t think he ever lived up to his hype. He spoke and looked like a stocky old time thug, but wasn’t all that imposing. I think things have been fixed this time around. Just look at that monster!

I think drawing the characters of Van Buren and Calhoun like their historical namesakes was a stroke of brilliance. They are scary looking dudes. And as Alex told me, it adds some kind of whole new level of strangeness to the story. And if you’re patient, you might even get a reason for why they look just like their real world counterparts.

But what a crew we have here! I’m excited to see them in action! Between Redemption and Calhoun, things are going to get crazy real quickly. And this time we’ll finally get our long planned payoff with Van Buren.

So it’s on to the next scene, which will be something we’ve never done before, but I’ve always wanted to. Look forward to that!

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