I’m Famous! Volume 1

I'm Famous! Volume 1
I’m Famous! Volume 1

I’m Famous! Volume 1 is on sale now at our online store and on Amazon. So, what’s in the book?

It’s got 106 pages printed in full color, telling the story to this point. The order is slightly different then the way it was chronologically created, but it makes more sense in this presentation.

It’s presented in the original 8.5″ x 11″ format, so you really get to see the comic in all it’s high quality visual glory.

If you don’t know about the comic strip I’m Famous!, well it’s a glib look at a crazy super hero trying to leverage his fame into a more mainstream celebrity status by becoming a Hollywood star. It continually mocks both the idea of the super hero and celebrity culture in today’s society. But that’s not all it mocks. Nothing is held sacred and virtually anything and everything is ripe for parody.

It’s all over the place, full of wacky characters, filled with both light and dark themes, cutting dry wit and all sorts of ridiculous nonsense.

And in my unbiased opinion it is probably the most hilarious webcomic ever to see print.

So do yourself a favor and pick it up today.

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