DMC 8 – Music

Detroit Mock City 8 - Musical History
Detroit Mock City 8 – Musical History

The eighth Detroit Mock City created for the Cartoonist Studio contest.  Click the image to view full size.

This one is very different from the first 7.  For one it only shows Happy, with no settings or cut-aways.  For two,we get to see Happy not being positive, or “happy.”  For three,  it isn’t really making fun of a negative about the city, and is more of an editorial joke about the genre of Techno.

I like that we tried something different, rather than being completely repetitive.  But yeah, Detroit really does have a rich musical history.

Jazz, Blues, Rock and Roll, Gospel, Rap, R&B, MoTown and yes, Techno, all have strong roots in Detroit.  Check out Detroit Music History if you’d like to learn about it.

You can also check out the all mighty Wikipedia for a more streamlined look at the history.  I don’t really feel like writing about it at length, so just go read those or do a search for yourself.

I’m glad we were able to actually present a positive about the city, and say something nice after all the depressing things we focused on earlier.  Don’t expect the next one to be so pleasant!

Oh, and I don’t really hate techno.  Some of it is ok, though a lot of it is just terrible…

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