I’m Famous in Japan! Page 12

Hello and welcome to another bi-annual update of I’m Famous in Japan.

Yes…I know…long-time no-update. There are a good few reasons for this, and if you are regular reader of RAWRtacular comics you might already know why it took be so long to produce this page. The past couple of months have been a little more insane than usual for me. For various reasons, myself and my girlfriend had to move home earlier this year destroying a whole month of free time, where I barely even hung onto my Back Office and Bata Neart update schedules. Following that was last month, which was a high-stress soup of long work days, a trip back to Ireland to vote, and yet another trip there for a wedding (!).

And so, after 3 months in total, (the longest production time I’ve had for a single page, for a very long while) it is finally here:

This page is pretty much as-scripted from Alex’s writings, with some minor tweaks due to space limits. One challenge I had was the top left-hand panel. In true Black Snow Comics tradition, I’m Famous in Japan needed to have a bar scene, and I wanted to make it memorable. Working from memory of the old ‘speakeasies’ I used to frequent in China, and some photos of local Japanese places, I created this little basement bar. (Here you may even notice a ‘Back Office’ regular lurking about behind the bar). I messed around a bit with the Daniel model to highlight his drunken depression, and then following that, his drunken optimism. I *think* I pulled that off (I’m never sure).

Far tricker, were the 2 suited thugs in the background. They are intended to be Yazuka, which Daniel has now pissed off. I the final panel I try to show one of them rising to his feet (presumably to go and deal with Daniel). I really wanted to pull off their scenes without dialog. But I really don’t know if I got it right here. It’s something I may need to watch in future pages.

Regarding the future of I’m Famous in Japan, there are now things to consider. Myself and Michael have chatted on this, and there are ideas to be fleshed out, but for now there still won’t be a set update schedule. I’m hoping to set aside at least one update slot, every too weeks for the comic. Hopefully that will work out.

Until next time!


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