TDM Page 64 and Life

Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 64
Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 64

This was a fairly quick and easy page where I was mainly drawing the same things I’ve been drawing lately. I didn’t feel like writing about it, so I didn’t…until now. I actually finished it a few weeks ago.

I thinks it’s a fine page, I just got tired of writing about everything I draw. It’s a bit narcissistic, really. People seem to enjoy it though, so here I am. I particularly like the central panel, and think it is the best drawing I’ve done of Redemption. He looks pretty creepy and really shows some of his twisted personality. Also, the perspective looks pretty accurate.

Besides that nothing really jumps out at me here. I like the way most of it came out (not in love with the Redemption profile panel), but in some ways it feels like I’m kind of spinning my wheels here. It’s a middle page in a pretty long scene, so that is probably to be expected.

I’ve been a bit down lately, and that is another reason I haven’t felt like writing. Sometimes making webcomics just doesn’t feel that important. I’m currently writing this from my son’s hospital room, and we don’t know exactly what’s wrong with him yet. So that kind of thing can really give you some perspective on your priorities.

Also, some of the time that I would normally be drawing has been put towards working on my Spanish with Rosetta Stone, which I’ve been slacking on for months now. Learning a new language is hard and takes some dedication. Spanish is almost a necessity around these parts of California, and could only help in this rough job market. Not to mention that my wife is basically half Mexican, and I’d like my children (I’ve got a daughter on the way due Dec. 4th!) to know the language.

So does drawing webcomics really matter, in the larger scheme of things? I don’t know, but I’ll keep on doing it.

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