We Did It!

Yep, our Kickstarter was successful.

Black Snow's KickstarterIt wasn’t easy. In fact things got downright bleak the in the middle. Look at this graph that I’m not supposed to share.

Kickstarter graphYeah, so for about half of those 40 days not much was going on.  And of course I assumed we would fail.  Not fully, and of course I never stopped trying.  But in the back of my mind at least I thought we’d fail.

When it comes to comics I guess I’ve gotten used to failing.  So it’s nice to succeed this time!  And all of that is thanks to our generous backers.  Backers who were a fine mixture of family, friends, fans and people who just discovered us.

So to all those good people who made this possible you have my most sincere gratitude.  Especially our new fan Cedric Barthels who will be appearing as a character in the next book!

And now it’s time to finish the book.  I tell ya, it will be nice to be done promoting the project and raising money.  I got into this game to draw, and unfortunately when you self publish you take on a bunch of marketing and business roles that take time away from that.

Black Snow: Two Drink MinimimumSo I’m off to draw this book.  And start getting those rewards ready.  Then once the book is ready it will be time to go back to marketing and begging.  And when this book comes out I plan on promoting it as much as possible and doing as many cons as I can afford.

So it should be all good times to come!

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