Progress Report

Friday has snuck up on me yet again, and I very nearly spaced out on writing a blog!

So, we are only a couple weeks away from the show and you are probably wondering if the book will be ready on time.  I’m drawing the final 5 pages right now.  After that there are a couple of ancillary pages I need to create for the beginning of the book.  Then Alex and I will proofread for any mistakes.  Then I’ll format the whole thing, submit it to the publishing company, get a physical proof, give it the final stamp of approval and get some copies to sell at the con.

So things are coming down to the wire here, but we’re looking good.  What’s a race without a dramatic close finish?  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Here’s an exclusive for you…the cover is finished (front and back).  Here is your first look at the front of the book!

Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum cover

A big thank you to Deena Freel for making that for us.

Here’s some more exciting news for you…in addition to selling Mark Egan’s books at my table at Big Wow! ComicFest, my 5 year old son will also be joining me to sell his comic books!  So you’ll be able to buy your comics and get them autographed by our father/son comic team!

I don’t have a lot else to say, since I should really get back to work and finish that drawing.  So as an act of contrition for my brevity I’ll leave you with this.

how to draw boobs

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