Publishing a Book

Originally I wrote something kind of long and pretty negative, which documented the problems I’ve been having lately and my complaints about some of the things that have happened as I finish this book.  That’s no fun for you to read, and once I wrote it down and got it out of my system I felt better.  My stress has mostly dissipated now that I’ve basically got the book done and ready on time for Big Wow! ComicFest.  So I’ll try to be more positive here.

As I just alluded to, I’ve had some trouble finishing this book.  Somehow I forgot just how hard it was the first two times I printed books.  I’ve spent the last few days with revision after revision, trying to get this book printed properly.  Formatting all 121 pages to “bleed” the way I’ve always envisioned them to (printing speak for getting the black all the way to the edge of the page) has been more complex then I thought it would.  That plus finding mistakes on various proofs has caused me to get this book reviewed by the publisher more times than I’ve been able to keep track of.

So I’ve been really busy.  Plus it was time to make reports for customers in my day job, which is my busiest time of the month at work.  So it was not a very fun week for me.  A lot of stuff happened that I’ll be sharing with you in some soon to come posts.  Like a good talk with a major publisher that is interested in the book!

So the book is almost done, and I’m feeling good about it.  I don’t really feel like saying much else right now.  So get excited for the new book.  Get excited for Big Wow!  And check back soon for some exciting news and updates!

Until then…stay positive and overcome.

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