Comics on the Kindle

I like reading comics on my Kindle Fire.  It’s cool because there is an option to not only see the full page, but zoom in on to the current panel (or relevant portion of a large panel).  Plus they look great on there.

While I prefer reading printed comics to digital, reading them on the Kindle is the best way to do it digitally.  I’ve personally read The Walking Dead, Watchmen, Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, Dark Victory, The Complete Hush and The Long Halloween on my Kindle Fire (not HD…I want an HD!).

Well, here’s some exciting news…Now you can read our comics on the Kindle!  That’s right, I’m Famous! Volume 1 and Black Snow: The Complete Original Comic Book Series are both available on the Kindle!

They are $2.99 each, which was the cheapest I could make them. But you can also read them for free by borrowing them from the Kindle Lending Library. So that’s pretty cool.

Unfortunately I wasn’t savvy enough to set up that auto zoom panel thing I described, so you just have to look at the whole page or manually zoom in on the part you want to see. Still, it’s pretty cool to see the comics on there. Also, the Kindle version of I’m Famous! comes with a few extra pages of comics that came out after the print version was published.

So check us out on the Kindle.  I’ll give you an update if I ever figure out that auto zoom feature.  And look for Two Drink Minimum to be released on the Kindle in the near future.

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