Webble Quest

If you are coming to Big Wow! ComicFest in San Jose today or tomorrow you may be interested in this fun game I will be participating in called Webble Quest.  It is a scavenger hunt type game that you play with an app you download to your phone, where you have to physically find the locations (sanctuaries) at the convention to check them off the list until you’ve found 10.  Here’s a breakdown:

Webble Quest rulesYou can visit their site https://www.webble.com/ to find out more.  It’s best if you download the app before you come to the show, so you aren’t dependent on cell service (I don’t think there will be wifi).  My booth will be one of the locations you can visit.  Also, I’ve put together a nice prize pack you could win, which features all 3 of our books (including the rare first edition of TDM), a Black Snow baseball cap (not sold online), and both colors of our bottle openers (also not sold online).

So if you are already coming to the show you might as well have some fun and play the game, plus you could win some sweet prizes!  Hopefully I’ll see you at my booth!


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