Wizard World Sacramento

Wizard World SacramentoTomorrow will be the start of Wizard World in Sacramento.  This will be my first time at a Wizard World, and my first three day show.  Hopefully it will be good!  They also have one coming up in San Jose in September, which I will not be at.  But if this one goes well maybe I’ll do more than one next year.

And I’m confident it will be a good show.  I’ve got some new displays that will hopefully bring more eyes to the table.  I’m also ready to do live sketches for people with all my sweet new drawing tools.  Plus I signed up to be part of a kids’ day thing on Sunday and giveaway some stuff to the younglings, so that should be really fun.  On a whole I’m really looking forward to it.

So come by and see me.  The guest list is pretty ridiculous.  http://www.wizardworld.com/home-sacramento.html  Daryl from the Walking Dead?  Gus from Breaking Bad?  The Fonz?  What else do you need?

If you are in the Sac area come on by!

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