Day 41

This one was a lot of work to do in a day. I’m a pretty big Stephen King fan and have seen most things based on his work, and read several of his books. The Shining is definitely one of the best adaptations, even if Stephen King wasn’t happy with it. Stanley Kubrik had a strong vision and knows how to make captivating visuals. Do I believe it contains hidden messages, like admitting to faking the moon landing? Who knows.

I love watching it every year around Halloween, especially when it is a dark, cold day. You can almost feel the snow. Once when I was at a pretty nice dentist they had a TV for customers to watch while they were being worked on, and I found this flipping through the channels. I always thought the visual of a dentist working in my mouth with their creepy looking tools while I was watching this bizarre movie was funny.

This was another digital drawing after I was inspired by yesterday’s Fight Club poster. I like the movie poster thing. One of my artist friends does a lot of them and I always thought it was really cool. Maybe too much for a one day challenge though. Definitely no time for this on a weekday! Anyway, I took some of the iconic moments with the main characters and went for a more abstract hotel in the background similar to the style I’m using in the new Paranormal Pinkerton issue I’m working on. The title in the middle separating it out makes it feel a bit like a VHS cover.

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