Day 42

Day 42 of the 365 day drawing challenge. We’re kicking off Nicktoons week with a fan request for the extreme sports late 90s / early 2000s Nickelodeon cartoon Rocket Power. 

I’ll admit here that I wasn’t much of a fan of this show. I had pretty much forgotten about it until it was requested. So it’s kind of cool that someone brought it up. I was already in high school when this cartoon came, so I wasn’t watching as many cartoons. If I was watching it was probably anime or Adult Swim. So this one mostly passed me by, although I do remember seeing it a few times.

It is a funny show to look back on. Sort of a time capsule for that late 90s extreme attitude that was so popular. Skateboarding was at a peak and skate culture felt like the coolest thing. So I kind of look at this as Rugrats extreme.

Hopefully this drawing captures the spirit of the show. It feels a little weird to create fan art for something you don’t know all that well. I know there was another main character who was basically the nerd of the group, but honestly I thought it would be harder to work him in and it already took long enough to draw these three.

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