Day 55

We beat the final boss of Video Game Week with Abe from Oddworld. Day 55 of the #365daychallenge. This was another fan request. I drew this one digitally with a new software I hadn’t tried before but heard good things about for a long time, Clip Studio Paint Pro. I really liked it. Usually I draw digitally in Photoshop, but this felt better to me. It gives you more options and and customizations since it is really geared toward digital drawing and painting and not photo manipulation. It is also way cheaper. So I think I’ll start using that now.

The pencil and pen felt really good, more accurate than I’m used to. So it was closer to drawing traditionally. And I really liked using the paint brushes to color, something I haven’t done a ton of in Photoshop, but it felt more natural here. I think the final result is pretty great.

I really liked both Oddworld games when they came out for the original Playstation. They were a good combo of platform and puzzle. Kind of hard though. I did play the New and Tasty remake a few years ago and the kids really enjoyed watching it. I picked up HD remakes of the xBox Oddworld games, but haven’t played much of them yet. Of course they were totally different from those first two, one being a 3d platformer and the other a shooter.

I’ve always loved the art style of these games and used to draw the characters as a young tween. So it was fun to draw again. I’d like to draw some more from them.

Abe from Oddworld

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