Day 68

Day 68 of the #365drawingchallenge is Eminem, a fan request. I remember when he broke on the scene pretty well. It’s when I actually used to watch music videos and TRL on MTV. I thought he was funny and enjoyed his stuff. The funny image always seemed at odds with all the nastiness you’d hear about him or the ugly quotes he’d say. Of course some of that was because the I was only hearing his singles which were more poppy then some of his harsher more explicit album stuff.

Then I pretty much forgot about him for a long time. Recently my son found out about him and we enjoyed some of his funnier songs together again. And watched his movie. Which was OK.

He’s a pretty big Detroit celebrity, and considering how much I’ve drawn things set in Detroit and Detroit landmarks it’s a little surprising I’ve never drawn him before.

Eminem drawing

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