Day 87

Day 87 of the #365drawingchallenge continues Batman Week with a request for Vincent Price as Egghead in the 60’s Batman TV show. I decided to do this one in more of a portrait style since it is based off a real person playing a pretty iconic role versus a general character like the others I’ve been drawing lately. It’s based largely off a collectable statue of him. This show used to really annoy me when I was a little kid because I did not realize it was intentionally supposed to be a comedy. I just thought everyone involved was really foolish and did not know how ridiculous their show was coming off. The idea of Batman being a comedy never clicked. Though now I really like that Batman works as both a dark action drama or a lighthearted comedy. Both approaches have their merits.

Once I realized what they were going for when I was a little older I enjoyed the show quite a bit. In recent years I’ve laughed at reruns on ME TV after Svengoolie. I’m a very big Vincent Price fan and have seen most of his classic movies. House of Wax is a favorite of my wife and I. I’m a pretty big classic movie buff, if I never mentioned it before. This was such a weird role for Price, but he brought his campy charm to it and made it work.

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