Day 88

Day 88 of the #365drawingchallenge continues Batman Week with a request for the shapeshifting Clayface. This was another request from my son. Another one of his favorite action figures. I also really like this character. His power is cool, his backstory is fun, and his design is amazing. He is so fun to draw, especially since he is so fluid. He is another Batman villain that feels more like he’d be at home in Spider-man to me. He strikes me more as a henchman than a main villain, at least that’s often how I’ve seen him portrayed. I think he could be a good main villain if handled right though. If I got to do a Batman comic I would want him to be a part of it because he is so enjoyable to draw with all the details and the power. As an artist he is a pretty ideal character, and as a writer I think you could do a lot with him.

Clayface from Batman

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