Day 93

Day 93 of the #365drawingchallenge continues Spider-man Week with a request for Otto Octavius, A.K.A. Doctor Octopus. I like Doc Ock, he is a good villain in the tradition of science nerds using technology for evil. This is based pretty much on his original design, which is pretty classic. Of course the main thing about him is those arms, which can be posed in so many fun ways. I’ve always liked him using the arms to walk while his body floats, so I wanted to incorporate that.

I did like his portrayal in Spider-man 2 except for this weird insistence Sam Rami had on making the villains good at heart. It kind of worked here, but by the time you got to the 3rd one it was just too much. Also the constant coincidences to make Peter and the villain know each other outside of their super personas. Can’t someone just be a bad guy and Spider-man wants to stop them because they are committing crimes? And how many of Peter’s damn mentors turn evil? Too many. See the Jackal from a couple days ago.

Doctor Octopus

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