Day 95

Day 95 of the #365drawingchallenge continues Spider-man Week with a request for the Dr. Curt Conners, AKA the Lizard. I mentioned with my Doc Ock drawing that I didn’t really like how they have too many Spider-man villains that start out as teachers/mentors/friends. The Lizard is kind of my exception to that since he feels like the OG for this villain trope. They’ve typically done enough to show the relationship between Conners and Parker well before the transformation that it did not feel forced. They’ve also depicted Conners as an ally in the aftermath that just loses control when he transforms and loses his mind to basic reptilian urges.

I thought the Amazing Spider-man reboot movie didn’t handle the Lizard all that well, and maybe it’s too much to introduce the Conners character and have him transform in just a single movie. Kind of like having Spider-man wear the black suit, reject it, then fight and defeat Venom all in one movie. Some of the Spider-man stories are just better served with more time and an episodic format. Also I didn’t love the character’s live action redesign. The classic character is just so much cooler looking.

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