Day 116

Day 116 of the #365drawingchallenge is a request for Black Panther. I used some different techniques that I’ve been playing with lately that I picked up from Todd McFarlane’s live drawing videos. Basically it involves using the lasso tool to draw large shading areas, then cutting into those. He usually cuts with the pen tool, but I used the eraser tool here. He uses a lot of scrathy short marks to create details (my daughter, who likes watching his videos with me, calls them scribble scrabbles (Todd somewhat disturbingly refers to the detail work as sexy, as in “let’s sexy this up” or “let’s add some sexy here”)), and that is something I’ve been doing a little more lately with all the hatching lines. I think this looks pretty cool, and I’ve long been a fan of the way comics used blue to highlight black, And yes, I liked his movie as much as everyone else seemed to. It kind of came out of nowhere. Sometimes Marvel feels like they can’t miss. Wakanda forever!

Black Panther

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