Day 131

Day 131 of the #365drawingchallenge is a request for Brendon Small from Home Movies. A fitting follow up to Dr. Katz yesterday. The requester was pretty specific that they wanted to see how I’d handle the hair. Sometimes I get comments like that that make me realize a few things. One, people making these requests don’t just want me to draw a character in the exact same way they usually appear. If they want to see that they can just do an image search or look at the source material. This should be an obvious fact, but one I don’t always think of. Second, and this is tied into that first point, people recognize that I have a style and they sometimes pick things because they think they’ll look good in my style.

So in this case I felt pretty confident in really drawing the character in a unique design that hopefully referenced the original enough to make it clear who it is, but also largely put my own spin on it. I think it was pretty successful.

I really like Home Movies. I’m pretty sure I remember watching it as a Saturday morning cartoon, then remember it being a pretty prominent part of the original Adult Swim line-up, which I was a big fan of. I have a few seasons on DVD, and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched a bit with my kids. So I am a fan.

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