Day 175

Day 175 of the #365drawingchallenge is Purple and Green from Day of the Tentacle. This was my favorite computer game growing up and might still be my favorite point and click adventure game. I love the sense of humor and unique art style combined with the looney toon like logic, it’s just great. I’m not sure I realized it was a follow up to Maniac Mansion at first, I was never a huge fan of that game. My grandpa on my mom’s side was. He was a gruff ex-marine that I didn’t really have much connection with, aside from the fact that he played NES games. He passed quite a few years ago, sometimes I kind of wish we had connected more, but that’s on him. He wasn’t the friendly sort. He did leave me all his video games and comics though. So that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, back to DotT. I really like the way this one turned out. I was a bit torn on which characters I wanted to draw, but I thought the tentacles were so interesting visually that they would be fun. At some point I’d like to draw the protagonists as well. I used to draw them for fun as a kid. I really like how the simple background really captures the feel of the game as well. Some very abstract clouds and bushes behind the more detailed cartoonish characters, and that really was the style of the game. For being sentient tentacles these really are a couple of great characters.

Day of the Tentacle

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