Day 201

Day 201 of the #365drawingchallenge is Sackboy from Little Big Planet. I have all the games for PS3, I picked them up cheap after the system was dead, and I really wanted to love them. I really like the art style, tone and presentation. But I had a pretty hard time getting into them. The user experience feels kind of confusing and throws me off. And I just don’t find them all that fun. Like I said, I wish I did. It’s one of the most attractive Playstation exclusive series I’ve seen in awhile, just not one that I really connected with. I do love the main character though. So simple, but expressive and pliable. It’s really good design. Oh, and this was my fist time playing with the Clip Studio Paint textures to try to capture the cloth material. I may have to start incorporating it more.


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