Day 225

Day 225 of the #365drawingchallenge is WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt as he appears in the Firefly Fun House. I’ve really been enjoying Bray Wyatt’s reintroduction as a psychotic children’s show host with a demonic split personality who harbors shame about his past. It’s all been pretty brilliant really. The skits have layers to them and a lot of references for long time fans. I wish more of the show rewarded long time fans for paying attention. I loved his debut the other night at SummerSlam. It was just amazing. I rewatched it today and still got chills. Just so well done. But I already drew the Fiend, so I thought I’d draw Bray in his other persona. And I wanted to capture a look that still hinted at the darkness within. It’s the best thing going in wrestling today.

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