Day 234

Day 234 of the #365drawingchallenge is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Number one in the hood, G. That theme song will forever be stuck in my head. I remember pretty well when Adult Swim started, and I was a big fan of most of the early cartoons. And I always considered this one to be chief among them, a fact that seems to have been proved by the shows longevity and feature film. I was one of the few who actually went to see it in the movie theater. It was such a crazy show that really captured the time and rise of internet culture. To me this was the prototype of a new kind of humor that we’d see spread across mainstream media. And it’s never really gotten the credit. In many ways it feels like the show has been forgotten. Well, not by me. I tried to put my own spin on them here, and I’m pretty happy with the results. I really like the overall composition here. The background accents the framing of the characters nicely.

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