Day 256

Day 256 of the #365drawingchallenge is Friday the 13th, so of course it has to be Jason Voorhees. Did you know it’s a full moon tonight which is an extremely rare occurrence. This will be the first full moon on Friday the 13th since Oct. 13, 2000. The next one isn’t expected to happen again for another 30 years—on Aug. 13, 2049. So enjoy it. Originally I wasn’t going to draw this until October, but I had to take advantage of the day. I like the Friday the 13th movies. Last year I bought them all on DVD around this time and watch them all with my son, along with the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. And I’ve got to say they are not actually that good, but they are pretty fun, which is basically what I always thought about them. Except they seemed even worse than I remembered. And if you watch with my son he really gets caught up in the lore and continuity, which is pretty bad on these. So that leads to lots of fan theories to try to explain things that don’t make sense. I’m more about just laughing along as people get killed.

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