Day 275

Day 275 of the #365drawingchallenge continues #31DaysOfHalloween with the classic Universal Monster, Bela Lugosi as Dracula. I love the old Universal horror movies, and most old horror movies in general. I’ve got a bunch of DVD collections of them, watch them on Svengoolie most weeks, and catch them on TCM and AMC this time of year. I’ve never had a problem getting into old movies, even if they are black snd white or not the highest visual quality. If the plot is good and the acting isn’t bad I’m in. And I think it’s pretty cool that I’ve seen the same quality in my kids. And the original Dracula is one of the best. I love his intense stare here. And that strange lighting effect they used. It was a lot of fun to draw, and I really liked working with the shades of gray. I can’t say exactly why, but drawing in black and white has always fascinated me. I’m going to be drawing all the Universal Monsters in this style in the upcoming days, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. It wouldn’t be Halloween without rewatching these classics.

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