Day 304

Day 304 of the #365drawingchallenge wraps up #31DaysOfHalloween with a tribute to The Adventures of Pete and Pete episode Halloweenie, my personal favorite Halloween special. I love Pete and Pete. It was definitely one of my favorite shows as a kid, and it still holds up now. It was weird and subversive and cool in all the best ways. And this particular episode really gets me excited for Halloween, and I watch it every year along with the Rocko’s Modern Life Halloween episode, which is a fantastic, nostalgic double header. And they both use a specific piece of music that I love and it took me years to track down called Spooky Scherzo, which was created as incidental music. Damn that gets me in the Halloween mood and makes me feel like a kid again. If you haven’t seen the episode it is easily available on YouTube and Daily Motion, so do yourself a favor and go watch it.

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