Day 323

Day 323 of the #365drawingchallenge is the undead Sir Daniel Fortesque from the MediEvil video game series. I really liked these games back in the day. The art style and character designs really stood out to me. What you see here is one of is moves where his head walks around on a severed hand to get into small spaces. It’s been nice to see the game get a little love lately with Sir Dan’s inclusion in the much maligned PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale and the recent remaster of the first game. Sometimes I really wish I had gotten a PS4 instead of an Xbox One. Normally I would have, but my brother-in-law really wanted me to go with Microsoft so we could game together. It’s the first time I bought a Microsoft system when it was current, I had picked up an original Xbox for the first time not too long before that. I definitely prefer the Sony exclusives more than the paltry Xbox exclusives. All said, of course I’m a Nintendo kid at heart. But I like the more family friendly offerings from Sony.

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