Day 329

Day 329 of the #365drawingchallenge is the king of the apes, King Kong. This is based off his most recent movie. Gorillas are fun to draw, that’s why we just randomly had a gorilla in Black Snow. And King Kong is basically just a giant gorilla. There isn’t really anything to distinguish him from a normal gorilla besides the scale. So really this could just be a gorilla since there is nothing to show the scale. But I just wanted to focus on his ferocious face, and I really wanted to try something with the colors. They are almost entirely shades of golden brown, with the inside of the mouth being the only exception being the inside of the mouth with a red with a purple tinge. So I think it really makes the mouth stand out. Oh, and the light blue of the spit. I think it looks pretty cool. I honestly had a hard time deciding what to draw today and went back and forth a lot. I’ve been drawing a lot today and yesterday, working on a children’s book Christmas gift that I’m trying to finish.

King Kong

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