Day 335

Day 335 of the #365drawingchallenge is a two of my favorite sentient animated robots giving each other a hug, Baymax and the Iron Giant. I’d never actually sat down and watched the entire Iron Giant movie until last night when my daughter wanted to watch it, I’d only seen bits and pieces over the years when it happened to be on TV. And I really enjoyed it. I had heard it was really good, and it was. I really like Big Hero 6 when we saw it in theaters, and for whatever reason my son has been watching it in parts over several days at school. We watched some of the series together on Disney+ last week and it was pretty fun. And I was struck a bit by the similarities between the two robots, and after I decided last night the I was going to draw the Iron Giant today I thought it would be cute to have him with Baymax. I thought it was a fairly inspired bit of mash up.

Iron Giant and Baymax

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