Skull Wearing Mask

Skull Wearing Mask

Like most everyone else, I’m pretty scared in these uncertain times. What seemed to start out as an overreaction has become a full blown pandemic that has changed the lives of virtually everyone. The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has affected societies across the world at a level we’ve never seen before. My kids school is shut down, my family members’ work is shut down, business are shutting down all around me, people are hoarding supplies and we’re being told to hide in our houses. And the scariest part is we don’t know if this is just the beginning. It feels like the start of a horror/scifi story that leads to some sort of post apocalyptic world. And you still have people saying it’s all just an overreaction while others are in full blown panic mode. And you see the best and worst of people as they choose to help each other or fight with each other. Meanwhile I don’t know what to do. My work is still running, so I still have that at this point. My wife’s work is still going, although it is slowing as people are scared to let anyone into their homes. My kids are home, so I have to focus on them. So basically I just try to make the best of it and not lose my mind, even when it all feels fairly futile and beyond my control at times.

Skull Wearing Mask Black and White

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