H. P. Lovecraft

H. P. Lovecraft

Much like Edgar Allan Poe yesterday, I went with another old school horror writer that I’m fairly familiar with but not one that I regularly sit down and read in depth. Again, I’m a fan of the vibe and the things he inspired more-so than his actual work. Mike Mignola has stated that Hellboy and much of its mythos and creatures were inspired by Lovecraft, and it’s pretty easy to see. I do have a very nice bound complete collection of his works I got at Barnes and Noble many years ago that I’ve leafed through many times. Maybe I’ll try to sit down and really dig into it some day. Like Poe, Lovecraft was kind of a weird looking dude, so he was fun to draw. And I thought it would be cool to incorporate his most famous creation, the Cthulhu into it.

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