The Tick

The Tick

This is based on a joke from the first issue of the original comic that always stuck with me. A man at a diner based off the famous Nighthawks painting asks Tick about his name, and Tick gets defensive saying he sucks blood all the time and threatens to suck the man’s blood with a straw. That joke always stuck with me. It is really absurd and pretty uncharacteristic of the Tick to intimidate someone. He’s usually so jovial, but he had a bit more of an edge in the original run. Nothing too extreme, just slightly different than the Tick he would become. You can read some of my old posts on the subject, but suffice to say that I really like the Tick and it has had a pretty big impact on me as an artist over the years. I was a fan of the Saturday morning cartoon which led me to collect the comics, books and toys. It was the first comic I ever collected, and I still have most of my Tick stuff to this day.

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