Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps

Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps

Let’s kick off the Halloween season with everyone’s favorite Goosebumps’ villain, Slappy the living dummy. I was a huge fan of the Goosebumps books when I was a kid and collected most of them. So it was pretty cool when my son got just as into them and they had a bit of a resurgence. Slappy is definitely one of the most fun and memorable villains in the books. It was interesting reading them to my son before he was able to read them himself and revisiting the stories as an adult. I definitely noticed a lot more formulaic things and flaws than I picked up on as a kid. But they were still good fun. Super quick, easy reads. I didn’t watch the tv show much at the time, but I’ve seen them all (and the Haunting Hour) many times now, and they are fun too. I was more of an Are You Afraid of the Dark? kid, and really didn’t remember the Goosebumps tv show. We were pretty excited when the first movie came out since my son is basically a super fan, particularly of Slappy. For whatever reason he wasn’t as into the second movie. Maybe he’s getting too old. He was fun to draw, and I really wanted to capture the shiny wooden nature.

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